i`,ve seen the pictures

they say that they make french fries before go to the war

motherfockers (conchatumadres)

now they do iraquish fries

with a lot of ketchup!

puta gringos pesaos

no les basto con mandar mas gente ahora quieren que esto prosiga

weon no lo hagai por tu patria hacelo por el mundo entero!!!!

no sigas apoyando a bush!!!!!

fuck, you yankees

now they are gonna win again, and the world will lose the next four years

you think, that is lottery that your twin tower had fallen in the reign of bush?

they could have done that in te period of clinton

before, i gieved a damn about you vote

just listened thom yorke when he said that “the whole world wiil laugh at your backs” he maybe didi`nt mean the europeans . he maybe meaned the terorist, you ass hole

buch of ass holesç

please kick out bush of the world

fuck him in the election

just don`t vote for him, dont´vote for kerry, just vote for yourselves

but if you don`t want to vote. do it for the rest of the world

do it for the victims in madrid

do it for the global weather change

do it for the kioto agreement( o como se llame, culiao)

do it for the world, don`t do it for you country!

your home land is not a country!

is a company!!!!!!

realize you idiot!

like coca cola

like pepsi





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